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Month: January 2016

Ella’s Birthday celebrations 2016

Some snapshots of Ella’s birthday celebrations on Sunday 24th January 2016. Saying prayers and remembering her in church with music,  followed by cakes with the congregation and a meal some some of Ella’s Special People.   Thank you for the photograph cake Karine!

Asthma Assembly and workshop: Prendergast Vale School

If you are not a teacher then it is very difficult to describe the feeling when you are passionate about a topic and your students feel the same way. As a former Head of Year I am used to delivering assemblies but being invited into a school and talking about Ella’s foundation is very different…
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Foundation to donate ‘Smart Inhalers.’

The Ella Roberta Foundation will be using funds raised by the Christmas concert to provide  King’s College University hospital with Smart Inhalers for children with difficult to treat asthma. You will be familiar with the regular blue or brown inhalers and nebulisers but these new devices record puffs on a chip which can be uploaded to an…
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