London, United Kingdom Fifth Floor, Old Town Hall, 1 Catford Road, London, SE6 4RU

Month: July 2016

Addressing the Catford South Assembly

I was invited to address the Catford South Assembly at Sandhurst Road School. The area is immediately adjacent to the South Circular and pollutants from traffic, especially diesel engines from lorries, and buses is a constant worry. Thank u for having me tonight & being so supportive Catford South assembly. We all have a right…
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Invitation to address the National Childhood Asthma Conference

I was invited to the Conference to speak as a parent to climicians and service commissioners. Such a valuable opportunity to pass on what I have learned to people in the frontline of managing long term chronic cases and the emergency cases of childhood asthma. My presentation had a real impact. Here are some of…
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Lewisham People’s Day!

Saturday 9 July: The Foundation took a stall People’s Day this year. We had dozens of conversation is with parents of children with respiratory issues, encouraging them to take proactive approaches.   Lewisham has one of the highest rates of childhood asthma in the country. We also raffled a  fantastic hamper!