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ERFF to launch Ella’s Respiratory Research Memorial Award

ERFF to launch Ella’s Respiratory Research Memorial Award

In just under 2 weeks time a Research Award will be dedicated in Ella’s memory at the prestigious John Price Respiratory Conference. The conference will be attended by medics from the respiratory field from all over the world. It is accepted by the medics that treated that not only was Ella’s asthma very severe indeed but that her condition was extremely rare (only in about 1-2 %) of cases.

All NHS Paediatric respiratory departments in the UK were contacted and invited to submit current research and to date 28 research projects into respiratory illnesses have been submitted. The prize money for the Award of £1250 was donated by Ella’s Foundation.

The trustees and Ella’s Family hope that continued research into respiratory illness will help in the understanding of Ella’s complicated medical condition and help not only other families whose loved ones have severe asthma but the respiratory medical profession as a whole.

John Price award