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The Guardian – Housing approved despite pollution warning to keep windows shut

Rosamund Adoo-Kissi Debrah, a campaigner from Lewisham whose daughter’s death has been linked to air pollution, called the decision “an absolute disaster”. Her daughter, Ella Roberta Kissi-Debrah, was nine when she died of acute respiratory failure and severe asthma. NO2 levels near their Lewisham home were consistently above the legal limit. The attorney general has approved a new inquest into the death.
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The Metro – Medical link between asthma and toxic air ‘proves my daughter was killed by pollution’

The mother of a little girl who died from an asthma attack says shocking new research is further proof her daughter was killed by pollution. Medics have revealed that one-in five new childhood asthma cases in the UK could be linked to traffic pollution. Exposure to nitrogen dioxide – which is mainly emitted from road transport – is now considered a ‘substantial’ risk factor for the killer condition.
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Work In Mind – Furniture toxicity: A US giant’s drive for material transparency

usinesses are increasingly taking their eco-credentials seriously, but are furniture manufacturers keeping pace? Ella Roberta Kissi-Debrah is a name worth remembering. The young girl, who suffered from asthma, died in 2013 aged nine, after struggling for three years with seizures. An inquest a year later concluded that her death was caused by acute respiratory failure and severe asthma.
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Kent Live – The pilot scheme which is set to ban you from dropping your child off at school

Hundreds of head teachers are trialing bans on school runs as claims arise that car fumes are reaching "illegally high" levels outside the gates. And it is thought thousands more are due to follow suit, with campaigners fighting to make it a nationwide rule. The fumes have been linked to soaring asthma cases
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East London Lines – Calls for new inquest into ‘air pollution’ death

Rosamund Kissi-Debrah’s nine-year-old daughter Ella died of a fatal asthma attack in 2013. However, after new evidence emerged on air pollution, Kissi-Debrah has been granted the right to ask the High Court to order a new inquest into Ella’s death by attorney general Geoffrey Cox.
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New York Times – The Mother Who Wants to Put Air Pollution on Her Daughter’s Death Certificate

LONDON — Dirty air kills millions of people around the world every year, but it can be hard to put a face on a danger so vast. Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah is fighting to do just that. The face she has in mind is her daughter’s.
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The Express – Health warning as 18 million breathe toxic air: Pollution kills 40,000 Britons every year

ONE in three people live in an area with dangerously high levels of air pollution, shocking research reveals today. Millions of us are exposed to potentially harmful levels of toxic air across the majority of England, a study shows.
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Socialist Party – Fresh inquest into killer air pollution: nationalise energy and public transport!

The family of nine-year-old Ella Roberta have been allowed to apply for a new inquest into the wrongful death of their daughter.
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Healthy London Partnership – The Ella Roberta Story

Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, parent and founder of Ella Roberta Family Foundation, a charity set up to celebrate the life of her daughter Ella who died as a result of an asthma attack, shares her experience.
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The Mirror – ‘Illegal levels of pollution killed my daughter – it’s a public health emergency’

Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah’s nine-year-old daughter Ella Roberta died following a severe asthma attack, caused by illegally high levels of air pollution
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