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Sky News – Ella Kissi-Debrah: Mum wins battle for fresh inquest into ‘air pollution death’ of daughter, 9

A new inquest will be held into the death of a nine-year-old girl, who suffered a fatal asthma attack thought to be linked to air pollution.

Ella Kissi-Debrah died in 2013 after three years of seizures and had made 27 visits to hospital for her asthma attacks.

BBC News – Ella Kissi-Debrah: New inquest into girl’s ‘pollution’ death

A fresh inquest will be held into the death of a nine-year-old girl whose fatal asthma attack may have been linked to air pollution near her home.

Ella Kissi-Debrah, who lived near the South Circular Road in Lewisham, south east London, died in 2013 after having seizures for three years.

UNEnvironment – New inquest into death of London girl could boost air pollution fight

Ella – a vibrant and playful Londoner who loved gymnastics, swimming and football – was just nine years old when she died.

For the first six years of her life, Ella was the picture of health. Everything changed after she picked up a bad chest infection in October 2010.