Our Trustees are responsible for ensuring Ella’s legacy.


Adam Daly Gourdialsing,  Trustee

Mini Bio  Godfather to Sophia (Ella’s younger sister),husband to Eliette, and father of Anaïs and Romain. Editorial Director at national niche magazine FQ (Fathers Quarterly)

“The beautiful life of Ella Kissi-Debrah is an inspiration, not only to me but I’m sure all of those who she chose to spend her time with.”

Ella was still a baby and yet to walk or stand up when I first met her, however it won’t be a surprise to any of those who knew her to say that this did not curb her enthusiasm for mini gym.

To have been part of the life of one of my very favourite people has been my privilege and I will forever remember the ‘Ella’ hugs that so warmly greeted me each and every time we met up.She took on everything in her path with such determination and positivity that it was impossible not to notice.From the moment we all met Ella we became firm friends. Watching her grow up over the years has been a pleasure, seeing her excel at so many things and enjoying every experience and opportunity set before her.

Rosamund Kissi-Debrah, Founder & Executive Director 

Rosamund Adoo Kissi-Debrah
Rosamund Adoo Kissi-Debrah

As the Executive Director I am the person responsible for the day to day  operating of the charity. It is extremely important to continue to raise the profile of the Foundation in order that the public are aware of the important work that is carried out to improve Health of everyone living in South East London. An important part of my role is forming partnerships with other bodies who have similar goals. To date we are affiliated to Friends of the Earth, the Foundation works very closely with Healthy London Partnership, We are supported by our local group the Corbette Estate and in future we will be work with the CCG in Lewisham and Children and Young People Healthy Partnership in Lambeth and Southwark.

I represent the views of parents with children with asthma and clinicians to decision makers involved in the commissioning or provision of care and services for young people with the condition.

I also build relationships with politicians and policy makers across South East London to influence policy and promote understanding of asthma, clean air and it’s impact.

I engage with young people and their families through social media and consultation, to better represent their views, help create change, and inform and update.

Regina Mambu-Small, Trustee

I am Ella’s godmother and I am currently working for a charity which supports people affected by substance misuse.

“This is one lasting legacy we can give to one incredible young girl, my god-daughter.”
The first time I saw Ella was shortly after her birth and the last time was just 10 days before her passing. Her last treasured possession was her Kindle Fire which she got for her birthday. When I last saw her I helped her download a book which she read in 10 minutes.
Ella’s passion was reading and it is fitting that one of the foundation’s aims is to raise money to help improve children’s learning facilities in Lewisham hospital.


Catherine Sutton, New Foundation Secretary

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Sharon Farnley Trustee

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Susan Rudd Trustee -Treasurer

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